Kathy Robinson

Kathy Robinson has nearly 40 years of experience in emergency care as a clinician, government administrator, patient advocate, and health care policy consultant. Her extensive experience as a licensed registered nurse and paramedic includes previous clinical and administrative roles at a tertiary care medical center in central Pennsylvania. As the EMS Planning and Clinical Systems Manager for the PA Department of Health, she served as the state’s Trauma Program Coordinator and EMS-C Program Manager. In addition, Kathy managed multiple grants, supervised EMS training programs, coordinated the clinical research program, and was responsible for the development and implementation of EMS clinical policies, protocols, and procedures for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. In her current role as the Director for Strategic Partnerships at the National Association of State EMS Officials, she has recently served as the national project manager to assist statewide implementation of the EMS Education Agenda, EMS Scope of Practice Model, and Fatigue in EMS Risk Management Guidelines.




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