Dr. Shira Schlesinger

Dr. Shira A. Schlesinger, is a practicing Emergency, EMS and Disaster physician in L.A. and Orange Counties. She is currently the Director of EMS & Disaster Preparedness Programs at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center and Medical Director for Newport Beach Fire Department. Dr. Schlesinger speaks on EMS & Disaster Response topics for both prehospital and hospital providers, including trauma care, community Paramedicine, and critical care issues in disaster planning for hospitals. She is a member of the EMS Committee of the American College of Emergency Physicians and the California EMS for Children Technical Advisory Committee, and serves as the EMS Section Editor for the Western Journal of Emergency Medicine. As a previous Medical Director for the Paramedic Training Institute of the LA County EMS Agency, believes strongly in the need for ongoing, high level and approachable information for our prehospital providers.