Dr. Lance C. Villers, PhD

Dr. Lance C. Villers, PhD, Paramedic, is Chair of the Department of Emergency Health Sciences at UT Health San Antonio. He has been involved in EMS as a paramedic, educator, and national speaker for nearly 30 years. Dr. Villers is a member of the University of Texas Academy of Master Teachers, a Distinguished Teaching Professor, and former Texas EMS Educator of the Year. He has served as an Accreditation Reader for the CoAEMSP for over 10 years

He is the project director for the EMS medical direction, pre-hospital research, quality assurance, and EMS education for the San Antonio Fire Department, which was selected as the 2019 National EMS Service of the Year.

He has directed EMS educational programs for the US Army Special Operations Command, US Army 68W F2 and F3 Paramedic program, and numerous rural and urban fire departments, and served on several state and national EMS education committees. His PhD is in Educational Administration and Human Resource Development, specializing in Adult Teaching and Learning from Texas A&M University where his research focused on situated cognition theories applied to training paramedics in advanced airway procedures.