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Presenters will cover topics such as these and more:

  • CAAHEP Accreditation Workshop for Paramedic Programs
  • CAAHEP Appendix A: Application – Maintenance And Administration Of Accreditation
  • CAAHEP Accreditation Workshop for Paramedic Programs
  • Consortium Sponsors
  • A Federal Update-All CAAHEP Standards
  • An Update from State EMS Officials
  • Legal Update On Accreditation
  • NHSTA and State EMS Officials
  • How To Develop An Effective Advisory Committee
  • The NREMT Update / Portfolio Discussion
  • COAEMSP’S Appendix G: Are You Ready?
  • Associate Medical Director Qualifications
  • Pediatric Patients and Your Paramedic Student
  • Program Ethics and Fair Practices
  • Program Leadership Practices
  • Medical Director Roles & Responsibilities and Making The Connection
  • Medical Director Responsibilities
  • The Process of Developing an EA
  • Writing Effective Syllabi
  • Making Affective Effective
  • Student And Graduate Evaluation/Assessment
  • Let’s Get Better At EMS Education Research
  • The Top Citations We See
  • Preparing Your Response To The Site Visit Findings Letter Or Progress Report
  • Medical Director Round Table – Best Practices
  • Preparing For And Writing Your Next Self Study Report
  • Site Visitor Continuing EducationWhat Works Best In Your Classroom?
  • Pitfalls of Tracking Student Progress
  • Insights On Achieving and Maintaining Accreditation
  • EMS Educational Journey: Lessons Learned
  • Improving Paramedic Education